We are proud of the difference our programs have made in the lives of those in need. Take a look below to see how many people we have helped.

Mental Health Connections

Our Mental Health Connections program provides free information and referral resources for individuals seeking mental health information and providers for themselves, family members or friends. With the help of our volunteers, 1700 individuals were referred to mental health providers and resources in 202-2022.

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In the past year, we have organized volunteering opportunities that have given 8,795 hours in service to our community. We also have volunteer relationships with local colleges to help give students opportunities to gain experiences while helping out good causes.


Our Reflections Peer Recovery Community is a peer-driven community that offers training and support to over 1200 individuals annually. It offers a community of peers an educational, supportive safe haven for individuals looking to maintain their mental health wellness and prevent crisis.

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Guardian Advocate

In the last year, we have trained 135 advocates to serve as temporary surrogate decision makers for involuntarily hospitalized clients, under the Florida Baker Act, who have no family members to act on their behalf. In 2021-22, our trained Guardian Advocates have represented 533 individuals across Central Florida.

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Outlook Clinic

The Outlook Clinic is Central Florida’s only free mental health clinic. It provides direct psychiatric care to our community’s uninsured. In 2020-21, the Outlook Clinic provided 2,760 patient visits, with 49% of those patients being employed, all uninsured, for free.

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You Are A Lifeguard

As part of our commitment to the Central Florida community, we launched You Are A Lifeguard, a suicide prevention campaign centered around building a network of Lifeguards, parents, friends, family members, teachers and more, who are committed to educating, identifying, and preventing instances of suicide attempts.

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