Meet Lucy. Her Story Matters

My name is Lucy and I hope you will take a moment to allow me to share my story with you.

Growing up, my relationship with my mother had always been distant. Perhaps it was that way because for many years I was unhappy and felt isolated. I saw friends experiencing close relationships with their parents and grew resentful that somehow, I was being denied what others seemed to so easily have. Then, my mother passed away and I watched my whole life change.

For the final three weeks of her life, she had moved in with me so that I could care for her. There was no one else. At first, it was difficult as we both searched to say words we knew needed to be spoken. But then, as I reached to let go of my anger and embrace her, we were able to connect more deeply than we ever had in the past. I finally had the relationship with my mother that I had been searching for my whole life, and to have it taken from me so quickly left me shattered.

For weeks after her passing I struggled. Each day was a mixture of deep sadness and loss. I found times where I isolated myself from friends, not wanting to accept help from anyone. In my head I knew that I needed to get help but, in my heart, I could not let go of my grief. Thank goodness for a friend that would not take “Leave me alone” for an answer. Thank goodness they shared that when they needed help, they had reached out to the Mental Health Association of Central Florida. It took courage I didn’t know I had at the time, to admit how low I had gotten and that I needed a hand up to start a path of recovery.

When I finally reached out to the Connections referral counselor, at the MHACF, they didn’t just answer the phone. They answered my call. I have now been a client of the MHACF Outlook Clinic for several months and the difference it has made has been like waking up from a dark night. While I am still not fully where I want to be, I am amazed by the progress I have made. I have finally found the strength to look inside and see the real me. They have made me realize that it is okay to get help.

Unfortunately, my story of despair is not unique. However, with your help my story of recovery also doesn’t have to be. Reported rates of depression and anxiety are at record levels and the work being done at the Outlook Clinic is creating real pathways for recovery.

In honor of my mother, I have pledged my support to the Mental Health Association of Central Florida so that the next someone calling in for reassurance and help has the same chance I was given. I ask that you consider pledging a gift today in honor of either someone you love or even yourself so that we all can make mental health services more accessible for those that need it most.

Ways To Give


Make your gift through our secure donation page.
You can also designate your gift to a program of your choice to ensure it goes exactly where you would like.
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If you would prefer to give by check, please make it out to the Mental Health Association of Central Florida and mail your gift to:

Mental Health Association of Central Florida
1525 East Robinson Street Orlando, FL 32801


If you would like to donate by phone, please call Jennifer at (407) 898-0110 x102.

More Ways To Make a Difference

While direct donations are a great way to make a difference, they aren’t the only way. Look below for great ways to support the Mental Health Association of Central Florida’s mission that work for you.

Membership Opportunities

By becoming an MHACF member, you can make a contribution that supports our mission while receiving benefits that help connect you with new clients and partners to grow your business. Promotion on our website, social media, newsletters and more help put your business in front of clients who are looking for services from providers like you. Contact Paul at psecor@mhacf.org or call (407) 898-0110 x102 to join.

In-Kind Donations

In-kind gifts go a long way in helping us provide for our community. Projects like our Project Cheer campaign wouldn’t be possible without the in-kind contributions from people like you that helped fill care packages for local behavioral hospital patients. In-kind gifts can also help support our office operations, allowing programs like our Mental Health Connections referral service help provide for Central Florida’s mental Health. Contact Paul psecor@mhacf.org or call (407) 898-0110 x102 or click the image above view our Amazon Charity List to make your gift.

Create Your Own Fundraiser

Starting a fundraiser is a great way to keep the ball rolling and encourage others to join in supporting mental health services. Whether at your school, work, on Facebook or wherever else, fundraisers can not only encourage people who know about our cause to give, but it can also offer a great opportunity to raise awareness. By educating others about why mental health funding is more necessary than ever, you can encourage them to contribute to your fundraiser. To learn more, contact Paul at psecor@mhacf.org or call (407) 898-0110 x102 to join.

Monthly Giving

Monthly gifts are a great way to show you commitment to our community’s mental health. By choosing to give monthly, you ensure that the benefits of your contribution are consistently making a difference in your community. Click the donate link below to make a monthly gift.

Legacy Society

To receive a gift in someone’s will is an incredible honor, but often we aren’t able to recognize the contribution until we learn about it after the donor’s passing. The Legacy Society is our way of making sure the donor’s who include us in their will get the recognition they deserve. Contact Paul at psecor@mhacf.org or call (407) 898-0110 x102 to join.

Honor or Memory

Making a gift in honor or memory is a great way to recognize a loved one’s appreciation for a cause in a way that is sure to be meaningful to them. After your gift is made, we’ll reach out to let them know of your generous gesture. Click the link below to make a gift in honor or memory.

Planned Giving

Planned Giving is a way to ensure that your gifts continue to benefit mental wellness beyond the impact of an individual gift. Commonly done through a will or trust, planned giving refers to any donation that is set up to occur in the future. Contact Paul at psecor@mhacf.org or call (407) 898-0110 x102 to learn more.