May is Mental Health Awareness Month!
6 Ways You Can Participate!

Mental Health Awareness Month, observed each May, plays a crucial role in enhancing public understanding and acceptance of mental health issues. It serves as a powerful reminder that mental wellness is as important as physical health, advocating for the support and resources necessary to maintain it.
Ultimately, it provides a platform to educate the public about mental health conditions, challenge stigma, and encourage individuals to seek help when needed. Included in this is an emphasis on the importance of mental wellness. Mental wellness is not just the absence of mental health disorders; it encompasses a positive state of mental health, where a person is able to function optimally, engage in meaningful activities, and maintain satisfying relationships. Achieving and maintaining mental wellness often requires an ongoing commitment to self-care practices, healthy lifestyle choices, and sometimes professional support to manage challenges.
The Mental Health Association of Central Florida strives to empower our community to be inclusive, equitable and aware of mental, emotional and behavioral health needs through workshops, public speaking, volunteering, and sharing resources for all who need mental health support. Participating in the activities below will not only increase awareness of mental health, but we hope that they will empower you to value your own mental health everyday.
We are passionate about reassuring everyone in our community that it’s okay to get help, because we’re all in this together.

Attend the Kick Off event on May 1st at Lake Eola Park - Pagoda

The Mental Health Association of Central Florida (MHACF) Team members, volunteers, other mental health professionals, and the public at large will all celebrate at this free event with remarks from Mental Health leaders at Lake Eola Park’s Pagoda starting at 8 pm. Please join us as we light the Linton E. Allen Memorial Fountain green at dusk, which will be around 8:30 pm. If you are unable to join us please consider donating to MHACF by visiting our donation page.

Purchase tickets to or Sponsor our 2024 Legacy of Champions Luncheon on May 29th

Since 2011, the Legacy of Champions Luncheon has served as the primary method by which the MHACF raises essential funds to support critical programs like the Outlook Clinic. It is Central Florida’s only free and charitable clinic that specifically provides mental health services to children, adolescents, and adults that are uninsured and face access obstacles to seeking mental health services and care. This year’s goal is to raise $250,000 so that MHACF can serve 7,500 people, through its multiple programs, in 2024. Ashley Judd will be the keynote speaker and guests purchasing a VIP ticket will have the opportunity to meet her and get a photo with here. Attendance is expected to exceed 800 people.  Tickets and sponsorships can be purchased HERE.

Book a Certified Professional to Speak at your Business
or Organization

The MHACF has mental health experts that stand ready to provide unique and insightful information on how team members, their colleagues, and their friends and families can enhance their mental wellness. Topics include: Managing Stress, Dealing with Conflict, Mental Wellness Best Practices, and more! Suggested Donation per speaking engagement is $500, Such donations will be used to provide free mental health services in the community.  Book a speaker by submitting this simple form!

Download Our Daily Tips for
Mental Wellness

In celebration of Mental Health Awareness Month, the MHACF had developed a calendar that provides daily Mental Wellness Tips during the moth of May. Download all 31 days in one PDF, or download each day separately. Then, feel free to hang in your office, in your home, and/or distribute to work colleagues and personal friends.    This is a great way to celebrate Mental Health Awareness each and every day during May.  Download the FREE calendar HERE.

Help Get the Ball Rolling for
Mental Health

Record a 30 second video with your team promoting your organization/business and explaining why mental wellness is important to your team.  Each video starts and ends with passing a Mental Health Awareness branded ball.  The Mental Health Association of Central Florida will then post compilations of these videos to our social media in May. Download the FLYER for details or Email us at to receive a FREE Mental Health Awareness Month ball to use in your video. 

Share and Utilize our Mental Health Resources

Our programs are dedicated to making mental healthcare accessible and easy to find in our community. Every year, thousands of community members are able to receive treatment and support that they otherwise may have never received. Visit MHACF.ORG, and click on “Find Help” to learn about our vast array of mental health programs, services, and resources.