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#MyStoryMatters is an opportunity for individuals to share their inspirational stories and positive recovery experiences with others. Your story can support your recovery.  Your story can instill hope. Your story can save a life.  Please click on the link below to share your personal story.  For questions or additional information contact us at info@mhacf.org.

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My Story Matters: Nick Wilcox

My Story Matters: Nick Wilcox

My Story Matters: Nick Wilcox

My Story Matters: Nick Wilcox

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#MyStoryMatters is a campaign aimed at sharing people’s positive experiences with recovery and inspiring others to tell their own. Why do we share our stories? Storytelling can be an important part of recovery and allows individuals to tackle additional steps in overcoming their illness and get to a point where they can then help others. Also, stories of recovery can help others see that change is possible; that people can get well and more importantly, stay well. Your story can instill hope. Your story can save a life. Remember, only you can decide if you want to share your recovery story and what parts of it you want to share. Your level of disclosure, and whom you disclose to, is completely up to you.

Guidelines to your Recovery Story:-


Disclaimer: Your recovery story is personal and you are in no way required to disclose any information you do not wish to. This can be difficult for some people, so we will be here after the forum if you need to talk.

In writing or telling your recovery story, please use the following frame for guidance:-


1. Introduction: Begin by telling us about who you are today (e.g., hobbies, family, work, school, etc.). Your introduction should tell listeners and readers who you are aside from mental illness. Your mental illness does not define you as a person.


2. Crisis Stage: In this section you want to consider the following:


– Describe your life before your crisis stage.


– Retrospectively, recount to us some early indicators or symptoms that made you aware of an oncoming life challenge.


– What were you like during this time of crisis?


– What was your moment of crisis, and what events led you to this point?


3. Acceptance Stage: In this section, consider the following:


– When did you realize it was time to begin recovery?


– Who and/or what helped you grasp acceptance of your life challenge?


– Where did you find the most support throughout this stage?


4. Recovery Stage: Please consider the following questions when writing this portion:


– Was there a significant event or moment that allowed you to accept recovery?


– What were/are some of the coping strategies you have learned that helped you achieve and maintain recovery?


– What personal strengths have you developed as a result of your recovery?


5. Closing: Reflect on the following:


– What is the best advice you can give to others currently recovering or going through a stage of life challenge?


– Do you do anything currently to help and provide support to others?


– What have you learned about yourself as a result of this process?

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