Our Team

Marni Stahlman

(407)-898-0110, Ext. 100

Lisseth Russa

Vice President of Operations
(407)-898-0110, Ext. 101

Jeffrey McCary

Outlook Clinic Director of Research and Operations
(407)-836-2541, Ext. NA

Betsy Gallardo

Outlook Clinic Director of Case Management
(407)-836-2729, Ext. NA

Elizabeth Cruz

Connections Program Manager
(407)-898-0110, Ext. 103

Sierra Ross

Guardian Advocate Program Manager
(407)-898-0110, Ext. 105

Brianna Chan

Connections Program Coordinator
(407)-898-0110, Ext. 104

Nikita Wilson

Community Care Manager
(407)-898-0110, Ext. 110