Making planned or recurring gifts allows you to continue to provide for those in need on a consistent basis.

What is planned giving?

Planned Giving refers to any contribution planned ahead of time, whether that be through choosing the recurring option on our donation page, making a gift through a will or another predetermined way.

Planned giving means that your impact isn’t confined to a single contribution. As the needs of those suffering from mental illness are ongoing, aid that is also ongoing is especially impactful. Recurring gifts give individuals the comfort of knowing that their funding will support the cause of their choice for months or years to come. Just knowing that they will be able to aid patient’s mental health journeys through our services can provide a sense of peace. 

How to make a Planned Gift

To make a monthly or annually recurring gift, choose the monthly or annual gift option on our donate page here. For all other kinds of planned gifts or more information, contact Jennifer at JHelriggle@mhacf.org or by calling (407) 898-0110 x 102.