Managing our Mental Health, Together.

The Reflections Peer Recovery program is a peer-driven recovery community of over 1200 individuals attending events annually, working together in wellness. It offers continuous support and comfort through a community of peers. The goal of the Reflections community is to be an educational, supportive, safe haven for individuals looking to maintain their mental health wellness and prevent crisis. Reflections seeks to provide a strong and supportive community that can grow and flourish in order to break the stigma of mental health and encourage individuals to participate in activities that foster self-care and wellness.


Services We Offer:

  • Grief Support Groups
  • Sexual Trauma Support Groups
  • Suicide Support Groups
  • QPR Suicide Prevention Trainings

For more information, please contact or (407) 898-0110 ext. 101.

To view upcoming Reflections support groups and trainings, please view our event calendar.


I wanted to tell you I really benefitted from the meet up yesterday and that hearing and talking lifted my spirits. Lets all hold on and believe in hope!


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