The Connections program has been such a helpful tool for me in my place of work. As a mental health case manager working with a population that has little to no health benefits/income, these referrals provide hope for my client’s that there is help out there for them as they are dealing with their mental illnesses, and they do not have to go without just because they don’t have the funds.

                                                           – William

When I first reached out for help I was in a desperate point in my life and mental illness controlled me to the point of despair. I was completely hopeless. [Jeffrey] helped me confront my past trauma and anxieties and over time I grew into a completely different person. When I look back at how much I changed it baffles me. This service is nothing short of a miracle and today I am able to live in society and take chances in my life, something I never thought was even possible.

                                                             – Jaraya

A wonderful resource for clients and clinicians alike! I reached out after not receiving responses from multiple potential mental health care providers. I was so defeated and almost didn’t bother, but I’m so glad I did! Within 48 hours my request was satisfied and it gave me hope again. I would highly recommend!”

                                                             – Casey